Broken Garage Door Springs

We can replace your broken springs for all makes and models of sectional

 Panelift garage doors,  and will have your garage door working again Fast!

 Panelift garage door torsion springs have a life span of 10 – 20 years or 10,000 to 30,000 operations/cycles



When one of the springs break, your garage door motor/opener when operated will be attempting to lift additional weight, which is above the manufactures specifications, this  will cause major damage to the motor/opener and possibly other door components or hardware. please do not attempt to manually dis-engage or manually lift, as well as automatically operate your garage door until the springs have been replaced.


It is strongly recommend to replace the set (both L&R) springs rather than just the one that's broken  as the other spring/springs will always break within the first 3 to 6 months costing more in the long run in labour charges.



At Victory Garage  Doors we supply and install high quality 20,000+ cycle Australian manufactured tension/torsion springs that come with a 5 year warranty/guarantee. All spring replacements includes a full service on the door and re-calibration and service on the automatic motor/opener.

Single Sectional  Panelift Door

- High Cycle Spring

- Black Coated 

-Australian Made 5year Warranty

- Service Included


Double Sectional Panelift Door

- High Cycle Spring/s

- Black Coated 

-Australian Made 5year Warranty

- Service Included


Same Day Spring Replacement Specialists 

* Safety Warning *

Garage door tension springs  are under extreme tension once tightened, and it is Highly dangerous replacing springs without adequate experience or industry specific tools, 

if the tension is not released correctly serious physical harm and/or injury can occur .

This is not a recommended DIY Job. Please do not attempt to complete this job yourself