Garage Door Service


The importance of Garage Door Maintenance and Garage Door service 

Victory garage doors proudly service and maintain all types and styles of garage doors and automatic garage door openers & motors,


As There are many components that make up a Garage door. is recommended once a year Regular servicing be completed to extend the lifespan of all equipment along with maintain warranty on products installed

Some of the Benefits gained with annual preventative maintenance &servicing

  • extended usage of your garage door, and all other components,

  • Increased lifetime  of your garage door motor/opener

  • Peace of mind your garage door works safely and efficiently

  • Reduced audible noises from door,

  • Unforeseen expensive repairs can be minimised if not avoided,


What's included in a garage door service?

  • Adjustment/s required to spring tension

  • Visual inspection of all hardware and components

  • Lubrication of hinges, tracks, bearings and rollers.

  • the adjustment to Alignment of door position and track position

  • corrections to cables and  motor/opener chain tension

  • Motor adjustments and calibration checks

  • Overall check of operation once adjustments are made​​

Service Standard Rate


- During Business Hours

- Prompt Bookings
- Full Service Checklist