Tilt garage door springs

Tilt door springs have an average life span of 20 – 35 years


Tilt door springs are mounted onto the tilt door arms at the top and on a hook at the bottom, When replacing tilt door springs we recommend that all springs be replaced at the same time, even if only one has broken. This is due to the fact that all of the springs do an even amount of work so if one spring has broken, the remaining spring/s are highly likely to break shortly thereafter as well.

150J Tilt Door Springs


- Australian Made

- Galvanised

- 5year Warranty

- (2 x Springs)


T - Fittings Tilt Door Springs

- Australian Made

- Galvanised 

-5year Warranty

-(2 x Springs)


At Victory Garage  Doors we supply and install high quality 20,000+ cycle Australian manufactured tension/torsion springs that come with a 5 year warranty/guarantee. .


Close Ended (Looped) Tilt garage door spring

Open ended Loop Tilt garage door spring